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What is Semi-Private Personal Training?

Semi-private personal training is when a small group, up to 4 people at Sense, share a space while working on their individualized fitness plans. The goal of that fitness plan may be: 

  • Improving movement quality and body awareness 
  • Fat loss 
  • Increasing bone density 
  • Gettin’ ripped 
  • Improving overall health and wellness 
  • Getting strong without getting hurt 
  • Reclaiming your youth
  • Recovering from an injury
  • Preventing an injury
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Improving joint mobility

In other words, you do you. 

A personal trainer will always be there to guide you and make sure your plan is being executed safely and effectively.  

Why do Semi-Private Personal Training?

Sometimes it’s nice to do your own thing while in the company of others.

Many of the obstacles preventing people from working out consistently (not knowing what to do, lacking sustained motivation, no one to hold them accountable) can be resolved through small group training.

On top of having your trainer there teaching you and helping to troubleshoot, you will get to learn from your fellow peers, and them from you.

Yes, you’ll still be working on your own plan, but you won’t be doing it in a vacuum.

You’ll be exposed to more instruction, more movements, and more unique bodies as compared to personal training. This can heighten one’s learning experience and lead to quicker progress.

A semi-private training environment can also provide invaluable camaraderie, social support, and accountability. This is why so many professional and college strength & conditioning programs are using the small group training model with their athletes.

How we do Semi-Private Personal Training:

The process for starting your semi-private personal training is as follows:

  1. Contact Sense Movement & Exercise to schedule your assessment session
  2. At your assessment we’ll review the PAR-Q (physical activity readiness questionnaire) you filled out to clarify your physical history and establish your short-term and long-term goals. Then you’ll be put through a comprehensive movement screen to identify your current abilities as well as potential limiting factors.
  3. From there you’ll receive a custom program and get started with your 30-day new members offer

Going forward your program will continue to evolve with you. There will be a general framework adhering to functional movement patterns and foundational movement principles, but our goal will always be to meet you where you’re at and help get you where you want to be (cliche but true).