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Sense Movement & Exercise offers a variety of exercise classes and programs that transform your body and mind while accommodating your schedule. All classes are performed on mats and utilize a variety of props.

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Flow is a moderate to advanced movement class combining elements of Pilates, functional fitness, yoga, breathwork and bodyweight training. Classes consist of a gradual build into movement sequences designed to challenge your strength, coordination and range of motion.

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A movement class for those wanting to work on posture, alignment, flexibility, balance and movement patterns, GroundWork combines elements of Pilates, breathwork, yoga, and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization. Both physically and mentally challenging, this class helps participants reconnect to the foundations of movement.


Roots is a movement class that reinforces the connection and coordination of the pelvic floor, abdominals and diaphragm. It is perfect for pre- or postnatal women, and men benefit from this class, too. Classes consist of myofascial release, breathwork and balanced core engagement. Roots educates participants through anatomical knowledge and practical integration into daily life.

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Semi-Private Personal Training:

Semi-private training is the best option for someone looking for individualized programming at a more affordable price. There will be up to three other people working on their programs at the same time as you, while your movement coach makes sure you have the attention you need to exercise safely and efficiently. After a review of your history and an initial assessment, you’ll be given a customized plan that will evolve with you over time. One of semi-private training’s greatest benefits is the social support and camaraderie that comes with exercising in a small group.

Personal Training:

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The initial private session includes a review of your intake form, a movement and postural assessment and a light workout establishing foundational principles. You’ll get undivided attention, and the initial session will give us the information we need to create workouts that are completely tailored to your needs.

Online Training:

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We’ll start with a free phone conversation discussing your history and goals, as well as the space and equipment you have available to you. Your first session will be a movement and postural assessment.

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