Who We Are


Nicole Gendel

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Nicole has studied and taught movement for nearly 15 years. What began as a love for dance morphed into a passion for helping others feel good and move well. With her extensive knowledge and experience, as well as a warm personality and healing energy, Nicole is a master at creating exercise programs to help her clients meet and exceed their movement and exercise goals.


Cary Berkowitz

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Since becoming a health and fitness professional in 2007, Cary’s (healthy) obsessions with anatomy, kinesiology, breathwork, sports performance and habit formation have fueled success with a diverse range of individuals. Whether you’re an athlete seeking a competitive edge or simply wanting to move without pain, Cary thrives in teaching all people how to be strong, proficient movers.


See Our Studio

We work hard to create a holistic, professional environment in which you’ll be comfortable and eager to get to work! That’s why we treat our space as our home. We consciously clean the studio with organic, biodegradable products, and we make every effort to reduce waste.

Being a fitness studio, it is difficult to achieve a fully sustainable environment, but our commitment is evident in our recycled, LEED-certified rubber flooring, zero VOC paint in our waiting area, and other conscientious and ecofriendly elements we’re proud of. We also offer our clients the opportunity to bring and refill their own water bottles using our filtered water fountain.

Recycled Flooring

Zero VOC Paint

Ecofriendly Products