Pricing Schedule

At Sense, we do everything we can to remove all the limitations and barriers standing in the way of achieving your fitness goals.

Take a look at the pricing schedule below to find the plan that works best for you.

*All sessions 55 minutes

Semi-Private Personal Training

Membership Options

Package Options

  • 8 Sessions: $60/Session
  • 16 Sessions: $55/Session

*All packages expire after 1 year

Package Options

3 Month Commitment

6 Month Commitment

  • 8 sessions: $60/session
  • 16 sessions: $55/session
  • 5 sessions/month: $48/session
  • 5 sessions/month: $45/session
  • 9 sessions/month: $46/session
  • 9 sessions/month: $43/session
  • 13 sessions/month: $43/session
  • 13 sessions/month: $39/session

*Memberships billed monthly

*All sessions rollover

    *All packages expire after 1 year

FREE First Session with purchase of any package

30-Day New Members Deal (Semi-Private Training)

New members get ONE private session (includes postural, movement and exercise assessments) PLUS SIX semi-private sessions.


New Members Deal (Personal Training)

New members can purchase a package of 4 Personal Training Sessions (Pilates or Strength Training) at a discounted price of $360.


Personal Training (Pilates or Strength Training)

Online Training (Pilates or Strength Training)