5 Essential Health and Wellness Activities in Brentwood and Franklin, TN

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Brentwood and Franklin, TN, are beautiful cities nestled just south of Nashville.  Surrounded by tree studded hills, Brentwood and Franklin offer residents easy access to downtown Nashville. 

Home to some of the best public schools in the country, Brentwood and Franklin attract many families looking to settle in a more quiet, suburban environment.  

There is a strong community of health enthusiasts living in Brentwood and Franklin. With a wealth of surrounding farmland and beautiful scenery comes many an opportunity to connect to the land and nature.  The following is a list of 5 wellness activities around Brentwood and Franklin, TN, that you need to know about!


  1. Herban Market


Herban Market is a staple at Sense Movement & Exercise.  As an all-organic restaurant, coffee bar, olive oil and balsamic bar, and grocer, they wear many hats (and they wear them well). Besides their incredible food, the positive environment and sense of community they have created is palpable.  

Organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides.  Numerous studies show a correlation between pesticide consumption and gut dysbiosis, an imbalance between good and bad bacteria in our digestive tract.  Dysbiosis has been linked to autoimmune issues, a weakened immune system, and inability to synthesize essential nutrients. Aside from gut health, there are many reasons to choose organic. If you’re curious to learn more, check out 15 Reasons to Eat Organic.

Herban Market’s grocery section has an incredible selection of local beauty products, vitamins/minerals, a bulk selection of nuts and spices, lots of wines, beer, hard kombuchas, and local produce, meats, cheeses.  Try spending less than an hour perusing the aisles! 

Finding an all organic restaurant is near impossible, which is why Herban Market is a gem to cherish!

2. Go on a Hike


Brentwood, TN has all the perks of the suburbs AND easy accessibility to nature.  Numerous trails can be explored in a short drive.  Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Radnor Lake– We love the different options for trail lengths. The lake provides beautiful scenery, and the terrain is mostly flat, making it a family friendly hike. 
  2. Marcella Vivrette– This trail is a little rocky and offers a little greater challenge than Radnor Lake.  Might not be the best option after a rain, as many past reviews mention the muddy trail following a storm.
  3. Brenthaven Bikeway Connector Trail– This option is less of a hike and more of a long walk on a wooded paved path. There is not much elevation, which makes for a kid friendly outing!
  4. Percy Warner Park– Percy Warner Park has multiple trail options We recently hiked the Mossy Ridge Trail.  It’s a little over 5 miles in length and gains nearly 900 feet in elevation; it’s definitely challenging at times. And it’s great for trail runners!

3. Infrared Sauna


The health benefits of infrared saunas are seemingly unbounded.  Some of the health benefits include reduced inflammation, detoxification, weight loss, lower blood pressure, and improved circulation.

Infrared saunas differ from regular saunas by delivering heat through light waves.  These light waves are able to penetrate your body and heat your core more efficiently than a regular sauna.  Regular saunas are set at about 50 degrees higher than infrared, making it more difficult to breath and relax, not to mention the excess energy and time it takes for the regular sauna to heat up to the proper temperature.

Here in Brentwood and the surrounding areas, there are multiple businesses offering infrared sauna use.  Two of our favorites are Pure Sweat + Float Brentwood, and Sek Sauna in Franklin.  If you haven’t experienced a session in an infrared sauna, go check them out and feel the immediate afterbuzz (with the added bonus of burning 600 calories!).

Here are some resources and science behind infrared saunas!

4. Franklin Farmers Market


At Sense, we strongly believe, as Hippocrates once said, that food is thy medicine.  Brentwood is located among some spectacular farms practicing the highest quality farming.  The best part? They all convene on Saturdays in Franklin at the Franklin Farmers Market, making it easy to stock up on nourishing food for you and your family. 

Here are some of our favorite farms to support:

River Cottage Farm–  If you are looking for the highest quality meat, chicken, or eggs, look no further. River Cottage Farm offers grass-fed beef and lamb and pastured chicken, eggs, and pork.  They are dedicated to maintaining soil health and regenerative farming practices.  And, their pastured chickens are soy-free! You can taste the love in all of their products.  

Bloomsbury Farm– Bloomsbury is an organic farm based in Smyrna, TN. They offer a variety of seasonal vegetables and have an option to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  CSA members receive beautiful, reusable baskets every week full of the farm’s current offerings.

Delvin Farms–  Delvin grows beautiful organic produce in Arrington, TN.  We love cutting up their radishes and turnips and adding them to scrambled eggs… And their watermelon over the summer was the best we’ve ever had!

Hughmus– Hughmus’ hummus is a Middle Tennessee establishment. You can find their hummus at multiple retail locations in the area.  If you enjoy hummus, Hughmus is a must.  Aside from its traditional Israeli-style and taste, Hugh and his wife have tested their products and happily report no trace of pesticides, which is common in most hummus on the market (especially non-organic).  Their bold sign at the market, “Best Hummus Ever,” is indeed a fact.

Rose Creek Farms– Lastly, Rose Creek Farms in Selmer, TN, also offers organic produce.  Their greens and lettuces are works of art. We especially love their microgreen selection.  Lately, they’ve had the most fragrant, fresh ginger root– you can’t miss it if you walk by!

5. Restorative Yoga Class


Restorative yoga is a practice of yoga that is more mellow and lower energy than a vinyasa class.  Poses are held for long periods of time with assistance from props, including blocks, blankets, and bolsters.  The props are utilized to support each pose allowing the body to passively rest.  

The relaxation effect it has on the body has been associated with better sleep, reduced pain, and better mood.  Some research even suggests improved symptoms of anxiety, depression, and pain symptoms in cancer patients. 

In Franklin, Releve One Fitness and Dance Studios offers a variety of classes, one of which is restorative inspired called Restore N’ Pow(H)er.

Here in Brentwood, TN, the Epic Yoga Center offers a virtual Slow Flow-Restore class that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.  Gather some pillows and prepare to relax!